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So this is love...

I almost hesitate to write anything personal (I mean let's get real because now it's real) about my love life, but I must say... if I should say anything at all, that I am feeling the love.  Most of you (that I think read this silly blog anyway) have asked if the guy I have been talking about on here and I have reconnected, and the answer is, yes...  I feel so happy!  Okay, so the relationship isn't perfect, but no relationship is. Yeah, I still have a few reservations that all of this could end at any minute, and then what? I also ask myself if we are both hesitant and reserved to really fall for one another - as in - in love - outside of the love we felt before we actually got it on, ahem, I mean had for one another previously while we were just friends.  Men are most certainly difficult, and I know at times I just don't have the right words or forget things, or maybe am not this or that, but does it matter? Not really.  I have stopped thinking about over-thinking and

Our Lips are Sealed

 I hate to say it, but I gave in to having augmentation done to my body.  I had been contemplating breast implants for a while, have friends that have had them done, and even dependent on how much money you want to spend, (about $12,000 plus if you want the real natural feeling ones) augmenting anything is not a sure thing, and even with breast implants, you still have to go back in 10 years or so to have them replaced and redone.  No, I didn't have breast implants, and now, I never want to.  I have been doing little things here and there such as getting Myers cocktails, vitamin infusions, Microdermabrasion to refresh the skin, and have even had an invasive procedure done called Votiva where now I don't "pee myself a little" when I run.  Nice and tight and cozy.  Okay, TMI, but still...  Anyway, I can see why women (and sometimes men) become addicted to these types of procedures because once you get started, you want to try something new and different because you are

Be Young. Have Fun. Stay Single

"I think that a) you have an act, and that b) not having an act is your act."  - Quote from the cult classic film,   Singles . How do you know when you love someone?  I've been married twice and I still don't know.  I also have this insatiable ability to generally fuck things up in pretty much every relationship since.  In fact, when I tell anyone that knows me that I may be interested in someone, like clockwork their responses are: "don't overthink and don't fuck it up."  I am watching that movie Singles now, and nothing has changed.  Fuck, if it were different I would be surprised.  Love, dating, boyfriend/girlfriend, it's all a damn game.  Drama.  One that I have zero clues on how to play.  Yet, after watching Singles for the umpteenth time, this film makes more sense than ever before.  That love I wrote about in the last two posts?  Yeah, it's already over.  Am I wrecked about it?  No.  Let me write that again.  Am I wrecked about it?  A

TGFG: Addition to "The Boyfriend Dilemma"

 I was once told that I live my life like a cliche.  Well, the thing with cliches and quotes, and age-old sayings are that oftentimes, if not all, they are true.  Yes, I live my life as if it were a stupid silly little cliche. Yes, I too (although I say that I don't) have certain expectations from a relationship that I just assume things.  That any and all men that are even remotely interested in me should "just know" what I expect from them and vise versa, especially with this one because we have been friends for so long, and so forth.  But I guarantee you, they don't.  Moses (that's his pen name) has no clue how I feel about him. Even though when we are together we do know because we both feel it. It's electric.  Moses has no clue that not saying something silly and very cliche to me in a text such as "good morning" is what keeps me knowing that those feelings we have when we are together are still there while we are apart.  No, he doesn't know