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The 40 Year Old Grandma

Yes readers, something magical happened.
I am now a real grandma.

Real as in, not your stereotypical granny that has coke-bottle glasses, grey hair, shrinks, and wears their hair in a bun.

I am a real grandma, as in, their father and I had children at the ripe ol' age of 21 (yeah, I missed the alcohol phase of that age) and my daughter in turn had her first baby at 22 which makes me... 40 something.

You can do the math if you feel inclined.

But truth, if I could describe perfection, that would be my grandson.
He was 10 pounds and eats like a linebacker.
He is already long and going to be super tall and his face... holy molly, he has the cutest little angelic face I think I have ever seen.
I am positive I cried several times while holding him and he may already think I am nuts, but he indeed is perfect.

He is wicked smart, too.

I am not joking. If you ask him a question, he will answer you with a yes or no head nod.
I can also read his mind.

"Oh, you want grandma to hold you again?"
Sure, no problem. Right on it."

Plus, you don't really mind changing diapers on your grandchild, because with grand kids, even poop is cute.

He loves the Beatles and classical music already, and moves his hands around like he is a famous conductor.
Okay, that could be the reflexes, but still.

It was humorous seeing my daughter and her hubby parent. You know what I mean by first time parents, right? When they watch YOU like a hawk to make sure that you are holding him correctly and his head isn't flailing all around like his conductor arms.

They are always so cautious about literally everything.

That's good though, because they will learn to understand what we had to go through as parents, just to keep them alive.

The best part is my grandson is also a product of me.
I can see my baby face along with my daughters baby face in his adorable little baby face.

Yes, I said "baby face."

My daughter is already an amazing mother. I think she intuitively got right on that. She is actually better at mothering right off that bat than I was at six months with her older brother.

I don't know if you read my previous blog post about how I didn't know how to make him stop crying after I had pretty much tried everything, and when I called his birth doctor asking him for his advice, he told me to take a parenting class.

Yes, my kiddo already knows how to parent.

"YouTube, mom."
"I learn a lot of stuff about newborn babies on YouTube" she says.

Man, I wish I had access to YouTube when I was a first time mom. Plus, I don't know if you know this, but although I have taught her a thing or two, your kids always want to figure things out on their own and you have to step back and allow it, because well, that is also good parenting.

I think the greatest thing (outside of the fact I know that kid already loves and adores his grandma and lets me cuddle and hold him and give endless amounts of kisses) he is going to keep my daughter busy and full of tears of laughter and joy. Maybe other tears, but hopefully not too many.

The greatest part is she is one of the lucky ones who found a great guy that loves and adores her and loves and adores his son. Together they made me a grandma and for this I am so so blessed and grateful.


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