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TGFG: The Pelican Man

A few years ago I was going through a really dark time in my life. I had just gotten married to the worst possible choice for a husband, and some really unfortunate things happened. Maybe I will write about those later. I will just say that it was one of the lowest points in my life. It was October, around my birthday and he was no longer living in the house. He was living with his paralegal and wife, since the day after we returned home from our honeymoon. I remember that I was so depressed that I couldn't get out of bed and I think I must have slept for a week straight. My kids were staying with their grandma, except my youngest. He was about seven or eight, and to this day that kid has rarely left my side. He called his grandmother (his dad's mom) and said that he couldn't get mom to wake up. I was in a state of unconsciousness. He was scared, because here was his mom who is supposed to be taking care of him, laid up in bed, sleeping for what seemed to be days on

GGTF: The Sweat Lodge Experience.

Lately I have been feeling like I am in need of a spiritual and physical cleansing. I have been a member of MeetUp for quite sometime because it's a great way to discover things to do in your community with other like minded individuals; so when I came across the Fall Equinox Sweat Lodge Ceremony, I felt it could be a great place to start. If you have never been to a sweat lodge, basically it's a man-made hut that is oblong or dome shaped made completely out of natural materials. The ceremonies performed within the structure are usually done as a purification or detoxification via sweating in a temperature as hot if not hotter than a sauna. From the construction of the lodge to the prayers offered, the lodge's purpose is to connect deeply to oneself through the spiritual symbolism that represents the womb of the earth. Its intent is to purify those within it by sweat and prayers of gratitude. Some put a lot of stock into the sweat lodge experience going as far as ma

Girlfriends' Guide to Forty: New Mom

I spoke to my soon-to-be-mom daughter this morning for about two hours. Something we have been doing a lot more of lately, especially since I don't live close to her. I asked her, "have you folded and refolded all of his clothes yet?" Yes, she's nesting for sure and especially now since her and her hubby are remodeling their little beach cottage. But you better bet the baby room is finished and she has everything prepared and ready to go. Her hubby made sure of that. In fact, we are all betting that although babies due date is October 1st, she is going to have baby any day now. It was so cute to hear her talk about the baby and how right now he is being fed and how he's warm and comfortable and how soon he is going to have all new life experiences outside of the comfort of mamma's womb. "He will experience hunger, light, upset tummy, sleep, being uncomfortable." "He will experience being (she paused) cold," she'd said. Oh my

Girlfriends' Guide to Forty: Boobies Revolution

Lately when I am getting dressed and ready for the day, I have been putting my jeans/skirts/pants/yoga pants (you catch my drift) on first. Hell, I'll even put whatever shoes on that I am wearing for the day and do my hair and make-up before I attempt putting on a bra. I mean before, I was all about rushing to put on the bra and undies on first. You know, to avoid any embarrassing - your kids might walk through the door although your door is locked, moment? I even used to sleep with a bra on! But since my kids are grown and there's no one really at the house but the dog and the cat (I catch them looking) I have been letting the boobs free. You know, to hang out. I guess it's like a right of passage, or a new found freedom, if you will. Remember that silly children's song that your grandma used to sing to you? I'm positive that ice cream trucks play it while driving around the neighborhood. Now I don't know about you, and I know this ain't no ladi

Girlfriends' Guide to Forty: I'll Have the Baba GhaNEWsh

New: adjective Not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently for the first time. Is it totally cliché to mention that once you have gotten this far in life that new is always better? That new is really like old - aka the younger version of you - and that the idea of new is absolutely sold to us on a daily basis? Every day we are being bombarded to try new things. The best part about finally growing up and becoming an adult was that I had free reign over what I was going to do with myself. Every decision made up until this point, regardless of circumstances, was all done by the adult version of me. I can wear what I want, decorate the house the way that I want. I can even buy a million pairs of shoes and never wear them, if I want. Where I live, people absolutely freak when a new restaurant comes to town, especially breweries. I mean, how many different kinds of beers are there, really? Ever read those stories how people standing in line