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Age: Is it Just a Number?

Many of us women dreaded the number thirty. We were scared about aging, messing up, being unsuccessful. For me, my thirties were the best years of my life, and when that big ol'number 4-0 started approaching, I thought it was all over. Hell fire and brimstone (or the grim reaper) would show up at my door unannounced suddenly and and I would have a new date for the night. But this is really what happened... I can remember the day of, well, the night before actually. Or maybe it’s currently a blur, because I don't know if you know this, but once you have hit that milestone, that place between youth and death, you forget things. Literally. Remember those times your parents used to tell you about losing their car keys and needing a buzzer or whistle to find them? You laughed then, but now? Yep. You can't remember squat! The night before, I was still thirty-nine. My friends decided to take me out to celebrate at a local bar called Zinc. Zinc is a classy joint. It's d